Why I Do This


I wish I was a musician. I admire them so. Those who have this talent and fall in to drugs and alcoholism, are truly foolish. To have that talent and waste it, is awful. So I am trying to dee-jay a bit. I don’t do it for money, I just ask for tips. Sort of like the old blues folks who stood on street corners playing a guitar or some drums maybe, hoping a passerby would throw a few nickels in their guitar case or bucket. For me dee-jaying was a way to spread the music, enlighten folks about how the music of today rose up out of the struggles of yesterday. I don’t know how much progress I’m actually making. But I keep pressing on, hoping someone somewhere who feels the way I do will notice. Then maybe we can have that conversation about why music lifts us up and puts a smile on our faces. Do you love music?


Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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