I am beginning to believe that the new West Coast style of Blues, which resembles a bit of boogie and rock-a-billy, peppered with a little funk, may be the wave of the future. If nothing else the future looks bright! For instance there’s the Paradise Kings. They are all original and entertain.  When it comes to up-beat Blues, I’m sure “more” is in store, and you have to like that PK style!

They’re latest release, is called Controlled Burn. It is the kind of music that makes the seat of your pants itchy, as in you can’t sit still. It is eight tracks of sheer delight. The Paradise Kings are made up of Henry Garrett on lead vocals, Jeff Gring on Guitar, Michael Robertson on bass, and band spokesman George Lambert on drums.  Occasionally there is a lady who steps up to the microphone by the name of Jan Ingram… and she is a compliment to the rest of these fine, fine musicians/artists. I love their grit and thoroughly enjoy the music.

There are several tracks that jumped out at me. The opening to this recording is called “69 Chevy” it is one of my favorites… which is hard to say, because all of the tracks are great. I also found myself listening to “Butter Me Up” over and over again. I really like Jan Ingram’s vocals on this one, but again the guitar work is excellent, and it is such a funky tune while staying within eyesight of the Blues.  Another track that I really, thoroughly enjoyed was “Slow Down”. Like all of the previous tracks this is another one that gets your head bobbing up and down, and that’s a common thread throughout. Finally, I liked the last track “Money Ain’t My Friend” which is a very well-done live recording. I am not usually fond of live songs, but this one is excellent.

The Soul Man recommends these guys so go out to cyber space and download these tracks, here is a link to CD Baby, I highly recommend them all: Paradise Kings.

Here are the tracks in order: 1. ’69 Chevy • 2. I’d Sing the Blues (if I Had ’em) • 3. Three Strikes • 4. Slow Down • 5. Butter Me Up • 6. Patience • 7. Paradise Kings • 8. Money Ain’t My Friend (Live)

Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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