The Future of Blues Music

The modern Blues scene is something to experience. It reminds me of the sixties in so many ways.  The major difference is this.  Replace AM radio with satellite radio, and you have a ready vehicle for discovering the upcoming Blues artists who are making great waves in the genre.  The ladies of Blues are leading the pack.  Look at this list of Blues women, and then make the effort to listen to their music, you won’t regret it.

  • Ana Popovic – Her command of the electric guitar is second to none. To see her play live is a delight.  She can cover the most difficult Blues standards, and her original pieces are brilliantly written. Her stage presence is captivating, she connects with her audience from the first note to the last. If you haven’t listened to this lovely lady shred the Blues, you are seriously missing out.
  • Samantha Fish – She comes to play and delights her audience with non-stop riffs that are expertly crafted.  Her main guitar is a “Fish-o-Caster” custom built by Delaney guitars.  She makes it sing, too!  Her vocals on spot on, complimented her extraordinary command of the Telecaster.  She surrounds herself with a terrificcly talented rhythm section, and the operate like a well oiled machine. At 26, the future is bright for this talented lady.
  • Carolyn Wonderland – This talented lady brings so much to the music scene, it’s hard to fathom. She is a masterful slide guitarist, listen to the track “Misunderstood” and you will be convinced.  She is a terrific song writer (she authored the song Misunderstood) and colloberates with all the right people. Asleep at the Wheel’s Ray Benson produced, plays and co-wrote trams from 2008 CD Miss Understood”.  If you get a chance to see her live, don’t miss it.
  • Beth Hart – One of the brightest Blues artists on the scene today, her vocals are mesmerizing. The track that resonates with me is the Tom Waits’ tune “Chocolate Jesus”.  A natural Blues voice, that has seen it’s share of misery permeates a venue like few others. Hart has a solid following in europe and thanks to a musical relationship with guitar virtuoso Joe Bonamassa her career is taking off. If you get chance to see her life, just do it.
  • Joanne Shaw-Taylor – From the site this quote says all you need to know about Taylor; Producer Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) said of Taylor, several years previously when he first heard her: “I have played with all sorts of blues musicians all over the world. I even made a film, Deep Blues, where I went to Mississippi and recorded with some legendary players such as R.L. Burnside and Jesse Mae Hemphill. Last year I heard something I thought I would never hear: a British white girl playing blues guitar so deep and passionately it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end!” JST possesses strong guitar skills, and accompanies that with excellent vocals.  Her latest CD “The Dirty Truth”  was released in September of 2014.
  • Sena Ehrhardt – Born and raised in Minneapolis, this lady can belt out the Blues, like few before her or since. She is backed on guitar by her father who is a Blues journeyman. He helped Sena get going, and she now fronts her own band with her father. Her 2013 Cd is a must have for Blues lovers. Two tracks stand out for me “Buried Alive” and “Cold Cold Feeling”, but every cut of this CD is top notch. I haven’t seen her live yet, but the first chance I get I will be there.
  • Michaela Rae – This Colorado native has been playing the guitar since she was 4 years old. Her guitar playing is inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughan (“The Phone Book Song” is a tribute to SRV) and she has played competitively at Blues competitions in the U.S. and Canada. Her debut CD is called Blues with a Backbone. She does a killer cover of “Green Onions” that is worth the price of the CD. Be sure to catch her artistry when you can. My understanding is a follow up CD is in the works.
  • Dana Fuchs – This lady from Florida… can belt it out. Her Gospel training has been infused into her approach to classic Blues numbers. I have listen to Fuch’s CD “Bliss Avenue” over and over.  Her vocals are gritty, from the soul. Dana know when she’s on stage, on responds well the crowd. She’s a can’t miss component on the modern day Blues/Rock scene. If you listen real close you may hear a little country, too.

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