Massimo Bevalacqua

I was born, luckily, in one of the most beautiful town in the world: Naples, Italy, October 5, 1970. I started to listen music since I was a child and at the age of 16 I met something who changed my life forever: the Blues! I started to play acoustic guitar as a self, then I studied to study with some great neapolitan Blues musicians; also if I listened to different kind of Blues, I felt in love with Acoustic Blues, the Delta Blues, full of stories, legends, traditions, and poignant notes, so started to improvr the finger picking technique, that I still teach in Rome, where I live.

Meanwhile, I started to search, to read, to study the people of Blues culture; and in 1993 I met Giancarlo Greca, that still plays with me, and with him I founded my first acoustic guitar duo, Wordsworth and Coleridge Blues Duo and with him I started to play live in underground clubs in Naples; after few months, I established my first electric band, Crossroad Blues Band, with Stefano Piccirillo on the bass and Sebastiano Jodice on the drums, and with them my live shows increased so much; in 90’s we played everywhere in South Italy and we recorded our first cd, named Bread (1994).

After many shows and many miles on the road, I spent the last years of 90’s with other 2 bands: Soul Tanto (Lino Muoio on guitar and Angela Vecchio on volcals), and with a 6 people band, Butter Cookies (Gaia Fusco on vocals, Riccardo Piccirillo on guitar, Manuel Carbone on drum, Massimo “Zio Muddy” Furio on harp, Stefano Piccirillo on bass); with this band we play in many great Italian festivals. In 1998, I started again to play acoustic and with Lino Muoio, actually guitar and mandolin in “Blue Stuff” band, I recorded an acoustic work, named “Fingerin’”, that included some Blues standard, che include alcuni standard Blues, rearranged in acoustic way.

In 2001 I came to live in Rome, where I met the singer Barbara Rinaldi, with her I played in acoustic duo, SunDevil, that still today is a musical strong work; with her, besides regular live shows, we propose a theatrical-musical show, namend “Blues Stories” in which I play, of course, but, interacting with the people, and using pictures, slides, etc, I also tell about the stories of the Blues; since many years, with great joy, this kind of show is showed in elementary schools, little theaters, bookstores and in all the places in line with this kind of performance..

Thanks to meeting Emiliano Tulimiero (harp player) and my fraternal friend Aldo Murgia (bass), that now is smiling and playing for the angels somewhere, I established the DAC Blues Trio that still runs in Rome. Like as many things in the life, totally random was my meeting with a woman that will be very important in my musical life, the singer Delia Morelli; with her I have 2 different projects, an acoustic “honky tonk” trio, with Francesco Visco on piano, and Made in Blues, acoustic duo with which I played in some guitar Italians festivals, and with which, every year, we are lucky to play in US (Mississippi, Texas, Tennessee) breathing, so, the unforgettable and unique…” Blues Air”. After 25 years running, I want to tell I had a lot, and I couldn’t ask for more but all things flows from my wok and my passion; I learned geography driving to play everywhere, I was lucky in meeting great people and great musicians, many of them I still play with… but if I could ask for mjust one thing, it would be…”to play, again, forever, everywhere”.


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