Podcasts Anyone?

Rock StarIf you have visited my blog, you would be doing yourself a grave injustice, if you did not check out the PODCAST tab. Podcasts are posted every week on Sunday, available by Monday morning. Each podcast runs about one hour and fifteen minutes. The exception is the first 5 podcasts, they are each an hour long. They are archived on the page itself, but the latest are in the pull down menu. I think they are interesting, at least I try to make them interesting. I haven’t received a lot of feedback, which I would like to have, so I can make improvements. I have enjoyed putting them together, it’s akin to actually doing radio dee-jaying which has been an interest for me. If you remember, there was the Columbia School of Broadcasting. While visiting with my father in Houston, Texas many, many years ago, he and I visited the School there. But that was as far as I went with it. It’s since, been in the back of my mind. One of those things, when you’re having one of those moments, and you say “what if”.  We’ve all had those moments, I think.

None the less, here I am -podcasting- my butt off and enjoying it to no end. I love all music and when you listen to my podcast I am sure you will have those instances where you think “what is that song doing in a Blues podcast?”; Well, that’s by design. One of the objectives to this blog and the podcasts is to open people’s eyes (and ears) to the connection the Blues has with all music. I believe it was Keith Richards that said “there would be no rock, without the Blues” and “if you don’t understand the Blues, you can’t understand rock n roll”. I am sure I’m paraphrasing here. That’s okay, you understand where I am going. All music has traveled on the Blues Highway.


Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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