One Woman Band Show

It is hard to define guitarist, songwriter Diana Rein (pronounced “Rain”). That’s a positive view, as far as anyone should be concerned. Her mantra is The Six String Siren and she comes by it honestly. A Blues infused rock, pop style that immediately will make you exclaim “Who is that!”. Born in Romania and migrating to Chicago, Diana Rein has already lived a full life. She has acting credits, her musical career and a family. That’s a lot on anyone’s plate. But she keeps charging forward with her music, writing every track on the latest recording “Long Road”. It is an intriguing listen, drawing you in on every track, to where you will listen to it over and over again. Here is “Wild One” from Long Road.


Diana resides in Temecula, in Southern California. It is wine country, and these wineries host entertainers. Diana hopes to take her One Woman Band Show in to this wine country and spread the music of Long Road. She has taught her self bass guitar and uses EZDrummer  to provide her rhythm section, and DR is ready to bring her One Woman Band Show to fans, providing what is sure to be, an intimate experience for the audience. Organizing the show, so she can do the setup and performance by herself is the challenge, for now. Diana’s determination and resolve is obvious and attaining these goals are within reach for sure. Talking to Diana for just a few minutes and you become convinced there is little she can’t achieve. Looking forward to the future, we as fans, can expect more from Diana Rein and she will take us in directions that are unexpected at the same time very exciting. Ms. Rein’s hero and angel is Stevie Ray Vaughan, and he provides her with the inspiration that drives her creative process.  When you listen to her guitar playing there is a definite SRV connection along with Blues influence. At the same time her style is uniquely her own. Go out on the internet and pick up her latest CD Long Road, it is money well spent and it will leave you wanting more.


My audience seems to be men. The topics of my songs, I think are very relatable with women.

Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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