High Energy Rock-a-Billy is Here to Stay!

Thanks to Sandy and the Wild Wombats! What is a Wombat you may ask, well the actual definition is a small short legged marsupial native to Australia. They are an endangered species. For humor’s sake here is another definition.

From the Urban Dictionary: A person of unsurpassed random humor, extreme satire and wittiness. Accompanied by a marked, unparalleled aptitude. Frequently found basking in the mainstream social pipeline accompanied by the indulgence of alcohol. Occasionally mistaken for being crude and ruthless because of the overzealous sarcasm associated with it’s unrelenting tomfoolery.

Now if you watch this video… you can see why the later may be closer to the band, then the actual definition. According to Mark Twang the band’s lead guitarist, the name “wombat” was his idea as he felt it was the animal he most resembled.  So I guess, when you watch this video keep an eye on Mark, cause he thinks he looks like a wombat!

Now I don’t know what it takes to classify a video going “viral” but this video has had over 100,000 hits and it is what caught my attention, with their high energy antics, I was an instant fan! In all honesty their music is a bit repetitious, but for some reason you don’t (or at least I don’t) mind. Because it works so well! It’s almost impossible to keep your feet still when partaking of one their numbers. I for one can’t get enough of them, and would leap at the opportunity to see them live. I’m sure I would be wore out by the time it was over!

Sandy Wild spent her youth in the small town of Emden, East Frisia in Northern Germany.  Emden lies on a bay called Ems, on the other side of the bay is the Netherlands. Sandy’s father was obsessed with music and had a large collection of rock and roll records. Apparently, Sandy found them, she certainly embodies the Rock n’ Roll spirit. Of course, rock n’ roll is the baby of the Blues… and their music sure finds a connection to old style Jump Blues and West Coast Blues. T-Bone Walker would be proud of these guys, for sure! Sandy took up the keyboards, as a child, teaching herself how to play.  Sandy believes music comes from the heart, and her passion sure speaks to that. The band around her is extremely talented, with an amazing theatrical stage presence. Their goal is to entertain and that they do. They are all seasoned veterans of the music business and it shows.

The current band line-up is: Matty Stroke on drums, Mark Twang on guitars, Thierry Dupuis Vandeputte on stand-up slap bass and occasionally Marvell Storm on double bass. Mark Twang (and what a great name for a Rock-a-Billy guitar picker) has been playing in bands since he was sixteen years old. The Wombats came together in 2014 and have exploded on the music scene all over Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. Hopefully they will make it to the USA very soon.  Follow them on Facebook… click here and like the page!


Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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