From Denmark With Blues Love

In 2003 a group of artists came together to form Thorbjorn Risager and the Black Tornado, a Blues rock consortium. An association of talented musicians that were dedicated to a Blues based fusion of Rock & R&B. The sort of music that makes one get up and move. The group came together in Copenhagen, and haven’t turned back since.  They are fronted by a young man named Thorbjorn Risager, vocalist and lead guitarist for the band. Now get this, the group has released a new CD every year, for the past ten years! That’s quite an achievement in my humble opinion, or in anyone’s opinion for that matter. I picked up two teaser tracks on the internet, “Hard Times” and “I Used to Love You”.  Both are terrific, I am very impressed. What a way to start off the New Year, discovering these guys. I highly recommend their music, you won’t be sorry, the Soul Man promises! Let’s give a little love to the other members of the band; Emil Balsgaard – keys, Peter Skjerning – guitar & vocals, Kasper Wagner – alto & baritone sax, Hans Nybo – tenor sax & vocals, Peter Kehl – trumpet & percussion & vocals, Søren Bøjgaard – bass, Martin Seidelin – drums, percussion & vocals.


  • Nominated for a British Blues Award 2014 & 2015● Winner of the Danish Music Award 2013 & 2014
  • The band was founded in 2003 and 5 of the band members have been there
    since the start.
  • In 2005 their cooperation with Annika Westman started who has booked
    more than 700 concerts for them in 21 countries.
  •  Songs From The Road is their 10th album in 10 years!

Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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