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Recently I had the pleasure of interviewing bluesman Mark Blake of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. (Interview will be posted soon, on this website; special podcasts)  If you don’t know much about Cedar Rapids or Iowa for that matter, there is a very good blues scene going on there.  Mark, has been playing music since he was a teenager.  He is a unique individual in many ways, but he also has a broken heart.  He lost his son Logan in a flooded storm drain, giving him more of a reason to play the Blues. But Mark, being the sort of man he is, has also made a conscience decision to do something about the problem of flooded storm drains and the danger they represent. www.projectstormdrainsafety.org is Marks commitment to ensuring that this terrible accident, hopefully doesn’t happen to anyone else.  Mark has written songs about this incident that are heartfelt and uplifting. This song is called “Heavy Rain”.



Heavy Rain is a sad song, but at the same time brings awareness to the problem of storm drains, and coming up with solutions, so people are safe.  Take the time to check out his website and please donate if you can.  Also, spread the word.  This is not only a problem only in Iowa, storm drains are everywhere and they are dangerous.

Mark Blake is an accomplished musician and a big fan of the Blues. He has three CDs out and they are damn good. My friend and I traveled out to Johnstown, Ohio where Mark is from originally.  He graduated from Northridge High School and is a friend of Mark May, another stellar Blues man from the same area. Blake sites Mark May as an influence and mentor.  I will be featuring the MB Bluz on my podcasts, so be sure to check them out.  Mark is a one man show and his performance is something to behold.  Recently he performed at the Hillcrest Golf Course Club House Bar & Restaurant, near Johnstown. He played for 4 hours (8 PM to Midnight) and the crowd was enthusiastic and in to his music.  It was a homecoming for Mark as family and friends were there to show their support.  I know my friend and I were thoroughly entertained and I look forward to seeing him again. Mark is on Facebook and so is his cause Project Storm Drain. Find his pages and be sure to hit that “Like” button.  here are a couple of links to make it easy:  Project Storm Drain Safety and MB Bluz Mark thanks you and the Soul Man thanks you, too.


Been a lover of Blues music since picking up on it from the British bands I adored. Cream, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Eric Burden and so many others.

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